Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Things About Me

1. I learned to ride a motorcycle (mini-bike) when I was 4 years old and was never without a bike to ride, until the last semester of my Senior year, when I traded my 1975 Mach III Kawasaki for a 1970 Roadrunner. The car was fast, but the bike was crazy fast!

2. While riding my Trail 70 Honda in Arapaho, I was hit by a car. I was in the 4th grade.

3. From year 13 to 14, I made my spending money working for a fur buyer… I skinned opossums, raccoons, beavers, coyotes and bobcats. I quit when my friends began telling me I smelled like the animals I was skinning!

4. I played some mean foosball… can still hit it pretty good!

5. I graduated High School… to most this isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but most who knew me back in the day doubted I would.

6. A lot of people say my wife looks like Sandra Bullock… I think Sandra Bullock looks like my wife! Love you honey!

7. I have built my homes with my own hands.

8. Before becoming a pastor I worked in construction, as a commercial roofer, and on jet engine parts at Tinker Air Force Base. I still miss Tinker… loved being around the airplanes… nothing like watching a detachment of F-14’s ignite the afterburners and go vertical just as the sun is coming up.

9. I am over half way to earning my private pilot certification.

10. Brenda and I have 2 children and almost 4 grandchildren; Tish and her husband Scott, who have two children and one with Jesus, and Shane and his wife Ashley, who have one on the way.

11. I love my wife, my kids and my grandkids.

12. I’m thinking I don’t know myself very well… this is difficult!

13. If given the opportunity, I will eat Mexican food 11 times out of 10.

14. Is there a restaurant other than Chili’s?????

15. I hope to gather a couple of partners and buy an airplane.

16. I am amazed that God would give His Son for me… while I was yet a sinner!

17. If broccoli grew on a tree, it would have been on the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden (I don't think it was intended to be eaten).

18. I get to work everyday with some great guys and gals. Thanks gang!

19. Salsa is a beverage.

20. Other than home with Brenda, my favorite places to be are… anywhere with my kids and grandkids; a beach with white sand and clear salt water; at our place on Lake Eufaula; in the cockpit of an airplane.

21. 50 pounds and 25 years ago, I could dunk a basketball… yeah, the white boy could jump a little!

22. I miss the days when our children were small and we lived in Paden, OK. Times were difficult, we always had more bills than money but… life was fun.

23. I dream of FBC Woodward really reaching the world from Woodward, OK.

24. I try to do something everyday that I haven’t done before. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

25. Whew!!! Last but not least… I look forward to Brenda watching me grow old.


Mandy said...

Great list! I bet it is really hard to come up with 25 random things about yourself!

Janice said...

If you get your airplane before Friday you can come to Nashville and get me. And I wouldn't mind stowing away some grandkids.
You have done some interesting things, not the least of which is skinning animals when you were a kid.
Your priorities show through your "random things".