Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Than Maintenance

The call to follow Jesus is about so much more than just being a good church member, which usually is interpreted to mean show up for meetings, give money, and serve in some capacity (give time) inside the walls of a building. Truth is… a person can do all of these things WITHOUT following Jesus anywhere! Among other things, following Jesus will result in “fishing for men” (Matthew 4:19). Yet, we are told that 95% of the people who claim Christ as Savior will NEVER share Him with even one person. If this is true, there are many people who may good at “doing church” but they are not following Jesus. And this is unfortunate, for those individuals, and for the people whom they rub shoulders with.

While it is good that we gather to worship, give tithes and offerings, and serve in maintenance rolls within the organization of the church, we must realize following Christ is a 24-7 lifestyle. Sunday service is good, but what about the other six days of each week? Studying the Bible on Sunday is fantastic… unless it ends there. Teaching a lesson on Sunday is noble… unless it ends there. Preaching a sermon on Sunday is helpful… unless it ends there. God help us to shake loose from the self imposed ties that bind us and restrict us from fully following Jesus!!

Think with me for just a moment… when was the last time you even gave serious consideration to doing what Jesus would do during your days AWAY from the church building? Who is the last person you even ATTEMPTED to present Christ to? When was the last time you actually MINISTERED to someone in Jesus’ name? Now contrast those questions with these… When was the last time you complained because things at the “church building” aren’t going the way you think they should? When was the last time you gathered in a group of 2-3 or more and voiced you disapproval over the “performance”, or lack there of, of a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or deacon? When was the last time you were offended because someone didn’t do for you, or for one of your friends, what you think he or she should have done?

Friends… my goal isn’t to offend you but to inspire you. We (all who know Christ) have been called to follow Jesus… to do as He would do, go where He would go, say what He would say, love as HE would love, and give as He would give. Following Him will require us to risk being uncomfortable, being criticized, and being misunderstood. Such was the way of Jesus and such should be the way of all who claim to know Him.

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Dawn said...

For just a minute, I had to think who wrote this blog! :) I'm always glad to read your thought provoking posts.