Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Reminiscing...

She was the second friend that I have memory of. I met her when I was 4 or 5 years old. We lived in the same neighborhood, which was nothing more than a couple of houses on a city block. Though we had played together many times, it wasn't until a hot August day in 1967 that I realized we were the same age.... the first day of first grade.

After a couple of years, her family moved from town to their farm, but our friendship continued. Along with our other classmates, we enjoyed our days as students of Arapaho Public Schools, which all too soon segued to adulthood.

Today I received word that, after a lengthy and courageous battle, Pam Carpenter Cabiness lost her physical life to cancer. Like many of you, I knew she was ill, but didn't realize she was so close to death. I am glad we had been friends, but sad that I didn't talk with her more during the course of her illness.

She leaves behind a husband, two daughters, a son, extended family, and many friends who will no doubt greatly miss her. I can't even imagine the pain they must each feel today. So... as I reminisce I am doing the only thing I can do... I am praying for them. May the God of all comfort hug them close today and in the days and years to come.

Good bye Pam... Godspeed.

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