Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just A LIttle Ditty Before Heading To The City...

Got a little time before Brenda and I head for the city so I'll post a little ditty...

Thanksgiving week is family time for us... BIG TIME. For many years we have traveled to Paden, Oklahoma and stayed the entire week with Brenda's parents. Over the years the family has grown from a few to several and, this year, Scott, Tish, Bree, Jarrett, Shane, and Ashley were there for the entire week. We had a blast!

The main event at this annual gathering is eating... not just on Thursday, but every day. In my humble, but accurate opinion, there is no better food to be found than that which is found in Cora Nell's Kitchen during Thanksgiving week. I missed out on Sunday and Monday... so I don't know what was on the menu, but I got my fill each of the other days...

  • Tuesday was Pa's lip smackin' ribs & fixin's with Nan's "to die for" sauce
  • Wednesday was a crawfish boil... a new tradition started by Andy & Shane
  • Thurday was traditional dinner complete with the family's famous chicken & noodles
  • Friday was Bubba Burgers... Jalapeno, Onion, and Regular
  • Saturday night... another round of Bubba Burgers

Like I said... for us, eating is the main event.

As I reflect on the week and recount the many things I am thankful for, I am reminded once again that I am a blessed man.

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Dawn said...

OH yum. that little ditty made me hungry!